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Jonas Horwitz

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Serving the Entire Triangle Area

Welcome! I am Dr. Jonas Horwitz, a licensed Clinical Psychologist Serving Patients in person at my Durham office as well as virtually throughout North Carolina. My goal is to provide a safe and caring place where you can talk about your thoughts and feelings. My focus is on helping you build on your own strengths to better cope with problems and challenges you may be facing in your life. I can help you discover the necessary life skills to become more effective in getting what you really want from both your personal relationships as well as in your career.


I am the author of How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed: The No BS Guide For Men (New Harbinger, 2018). I wrote this self-help book for men who are wrestling with terrible depression.

More information about the book as well as videos I created can be found here.

Couple in Therapy holding hands

Couples Therapy

I especially enjoy working with couples to help them deepen their relationship to achieve greater closeness and intimacy. My goal in working with couples is to help them talk directly to each other; where each person is sharing not only what they are thinking, but most importantly what they are truly feeling. At the same time, I focus on teaching each person how to deeply listen to what the other person is saying; with particular emphasis on learning how to seek out and listen to the feelings of their partner. Relationships often become stuck when the couple cannot find a way to effectively talk about the most difficult subjects in a relationship, such as money, sex, parenting issues, or the in-laws. Teaching couples how to discuss these crucial issues can help them deeply reconnect with each other.

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